The PLMN area is the geographical area in which a PLMN provides communication services according to the specifications to mobile users. In the PLMN area, the mobile user can set up calls to a user of a terminating network. The terminating network may be a fixed network, the same PLMN, another PLMN or other types of PLMN. Terminating network users can also set up calls to the PLMN. The PLMN area is allocated to a PLMN. It is determined by the service and network provider in accordance with any provisions laid down under national law. In general the PLMN area is restricted to one country. It can also be determined differently, depending on the different telecommunication services, or type of MS. If there are several PLMNs in one country, their PLMN areas may overlap. In border areas, the PLMN areas of different countries may overlap. Administrations will have to take precautions to ensure that cross border coverage is minimised in adjacent countries unless otherwise agreed.

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