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LTE Device Ecosystem: The Future Brought to Life

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The number of LTE devices and manufacturers is exploding. This special report explores how the transition to LTE networks is changing the device ecosystem from design to test and repair, and the factors that affect the successful LTE device launch.

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Delivering Public Safety Communications with LTE

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Today there are two separate technology families for providing wide-area wireless communications: commercial cellular networks and dedicated public safety systems.

LTE, Telephony and Battery Life

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In recent media, much attention has been paid to the battery life of VoLTE enabled LTE phones in comparison to existing 2G and 3G circuit switched telephony. This ST Ericsson white paper aims to address the confusion and uncertainty around the topic and demonstrate the true potential of VoLTE.  

LTE and the 1800 Mhz opportunity

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This Northstream white paper examines the take-up and status of LTE two years after the first commercial launch and analyses the key aspects that will determine its future success.

RCS VoLTE Interoperability Event 2012

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This white paper provides a summary of the RCS (Rich Communications Suite) VoLTE (Voice over LTE) Interoperability event 2012 which took place from September 24th – October 12th 2012. The event was jointly organised by the Multi‐Service Forum (MSF), European Telecoms Standards Institute (ETSI) and the GSM Association (GSMA).

4G Mobile Broadband Evolution: Release 10, Release 11 and Beyond - HSPA, SAE/LTE and LTE-Advanced

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On a global basis, subscriptions to HSPA mobile broadband are growing rapidly. There were 900 million global subscriptions for HSPA at of the end of  December 2011, rising to 1 billion by 2Q 2012. This number is expected to reach 2.8 billion by the end of 2015. There were 476 commercial HSPA networks in 181 countries worldwide reported in September 2012.4

MIMO and Smart Antennas for Mobile Broadband Networks

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The 4G Americas white paper focuses on the practical aspects of deploying Smart Antenna systems in Radio Access Systems. Key developments in MIMO and Smart Antennas, the practical aspects of deploying smart antenna systems in Radio Access Systems (RAS) and detailed information on the new antenna systems are covered in this white paper.

The Benefits of Digital Dividend

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The  term “Digital Dividend” usually refers to the spectrum released  by the switchover from analog to digital TV broadcasting. Digital dividend spectrum is ideally suited to providing cost-effective mobile and broadband wireless services representing a significant and important asset for a country’s economic and social development.

Policy Everywhere: A Strategic Imperative For Digital Lifestyle Providers

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As operators transition to digital lifestyle providers, policy’s complexion will be transformed. This paper explores how policy’s application and scope will expand beyond the boundaries of the core network to subscriber devices, M2M devices, cloud providers, and service delivery, and OTT provider platforms.

Mobile Broadband Explosion: The 3GPP Wireless Evolution

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This white paper discusses the evolution and capabilities of HSPA and LTE relative to other primary competing technologies. It explains how these technologies fit into the  International Telecommunications Union (ITU) roadmap that leads to  International Mobile Telecommunications-Advanced (IMT-Advanced) and beyond.