LTE Whitepapers

3GPP LTE for TDD Spectrum in the Americas

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This whitepaper from 3G Americas provides a top-level overview on the considerations for deployment of Long Term Evolution (LTE) in Time Division Duplex (TDD) technology spectrum in the Americas and r

Finding the Fastest Path to 4G: Reducing Time-to-Market for Wireless Infrastructure

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By  Nikhil Chauhan | WIND RIVER SYSTEMS, INC.

Local IP Access via Home Node B

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Authors: Siddhartha Kundalkar and Madhur Raj N. of Continuous Computing


LTE - Top 12 Challenges

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By Manish Singh, VP Product Line Management, CCPU

"The fun has just begun, and there are many hurdles yet to overcome"

LTE E-UTRAN and its Access Side Protocols

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Authors: Suyash Tripathi, Vinay Kulkarni, and Alok Kumar, Continuous Computing


LTE Whitepaper from Wired n Wireless

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This whitepaper talks about LTE interfaces, network elements, radio network, user plane and control plane and handover scenarios.

TCS - LTE-Advanced: Future of Mobile Broadband

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This whitepaper from TCS discusses about evolution of LTE-Advanced, advantages and key features of LTE- Advanced and provides comparison between LTE and LTE-Advanced.

Motorola - Realistic LTE Performance

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This Motorola whitepaper defines the most common throughput measures and provides insight into the associated variables, why considering peak rates for evaluating a business case is misleading, and wh

Amdocs LTE OSS RAN White Paper

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A whitepaper from Amdocs over OSS RAN Implications of LTE.

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HSPA to LTE-Advanced: 3GPP Broadband Evolution to IMT-Advanced (4G)

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September 13 2009 | 3G Americas Publishes Report on 3GPP Broadband Evolution from HSPA to LTE-Advanced.