LTE Whitepapers

VoLGA for Data-Only LTE Deployments

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Kineto Wireless | Why data-only LTE deployments need embedded SMS services at launch, and how VoLGA solves this critical issue.

VOLGA - Voice over LTE via GAN - A Technical Introduction

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 A white paper by  Martin Sauter ( arguing why VoLGA should be used by industry.

LTE/SAE & Evolved Packet Core: Technology & Implementation Choices

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Prepared by Gabriel Brown - | This white paper positions EPC in the wider market context and examines the major decision points faced by operators evaluating the implementation of

Introduction to Evolved Packet Core

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By Alcatel-Lucent - This white paper provides a brief introduction to Evolved Packet Core — a new mobile
core for LTE.

3G Americas - MIMO Transmission Schemes for LTE and HSPA Networks


Explores the current and emerging MIMO or smart-antenna techniques that significantly increase network performance.

LTE/SAE Trials Initiative

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The LSTI's Proof of Concept activity has now consolidated measurements from leading equipment vendors to show that the industry's targets for performance are achievable:

T-Mobile International and Nortel Long Term Evolution Trial

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The objective of this paper is to provide a basic overview of the Long Term Evolution (LTE) trial system operating in Bonn, Germany through cooperation between T-Mobile International and Nortel.

Nortel White Paper - Mobile Backhaul Evolves with Carrier Ethernet

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Wireless traffic volume is growing at a staggering pace, driven by new highspeed mobile services such as mobile video, multimedia messaging and web browsing.

LTE performance for initial deployments

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Nokia Siemens Networks has carried out a series of essential drive tests in order to evaluate LTE radio interface characteristics and performance.

Implement OFDMA, MIMO for WiMAX, LTE

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This article discusses WiMAX and LTE: in particular, how to implement the core DSP algo-rithm of OFDMA, then the novel variant used by LTE for the uplink, and finally a brief discussion on MIMO for bo