LTE ‘Real World’ Performance, Broadband and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Quality Analysis

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In January 2011 Epitiro announced its commitment to test commercially available installations of 4G LTE services for the purpose of understanding the actual performance delivered to subscribers.

In March 2011 Epitiro partnered with Finnish consultancy group Genre Mobile to conduct indicative research into TeliaSonera’s LTE rollout in Finland. Around-the-clock measurement of broadband performance and Voice over LTE call quality was conducted using Epitiro’s 4G ‘Consumer experience’ test probes that automatically connect to the internet as a typical consumer. Testing was completed over a 5 day period with over 20,000 data points being collected. A 3G test probe also measured services to enable direct comparison to 4G LTE services.

The results of the testing clearly showed 4G LTE to perform significantly better than 3G services. Broadband download speeds of up to 48.8Mbps were recorded with an average of 36.1Mbps. 3G download speeds were 4.1Mbps on average. Average latency for 3G was 117ms, while 4G services were five times faster at an average of 23ms.

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