LTE Whitepapers

LTE roaming, a solid step forward

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Reinhard Kreft, Chair of GSMA's Executive Management Committees, updates us on the major achievements and the future focus for LTE roaming...

LTE Evolved Packet System Architecture

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LTE enables you to redefine the end-user experience with the most advanced packet-based solution in the industry.

CDMA and LTE: Making the most of wireless broadband

in Whitepaper, Alcatel-Lucent, CDMA, LTE

Alcatel-Lucent - An overview of strategies, issues and opportunities

Traffic Management Techniques for Mobile Broadband Networks: Living in an Orthogonal World

in Whitepaper, 3G Americas, LTE

The 3G Americas report focuses on 3GPP networks and concerns itself specifically with traffic management, including the handling of traffic flows on 3GPP networks in contrast with other network man

Field trials of LTE with 4x4 MIMO

in Whitepaper, Ericsson, MIMO, LTE

The Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard for mobile broadband includes multi-antenna transmission modes that improve performance in terms of coverage, spectral efficiency and peak throughput.

Evolving to LTE - Cisco's Seamless Migration for UMTS Operators

in Whitepaper, Cisco, LTE

This paper will outline how mobile operators can prepare their networks to support 4G broadband services that will improve the user experience and yield new revenue opportunities.

TD-LTE: Exciting Alternative, Global Momentum

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This white paper addresses TD-LTE physical layer, performance, applicable spectrum, differences from FDD and its global momentum, while answering questions operators, regulators, license holders an

Femtocells - Natural Solution for Offload

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This white paper offers an in-depth explanation of how femtocell offload allows operators to cost-effectively manage the rise in mobile data usage while also providing the highest possible quality

The essential aspects of LTE's PHY

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Frank Rayal, Telesystem Innovations - The design of the LTE physical layer (PHY) is heavily influenced by requirements for high peak transmission rate (100 Mbps DL/50 Mbps UL), spectral efficiency,

Recognising the Promise of Mobile Broadband

in Whitepaper, UMTS Forum, 3G, HSPA, LTE, UMTS

Data traffic levels are rising inexorably, as a smart new generation of terminal devices drives uptake of bandwidth-hungry services delivered over today’s mobile broadband networks.