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Huawei 3GPP 5G Pre-commercial System is awarded as one of World Leading Internet Scientific and Technological Achievement at the Fourth World Internet Conference

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Huawei 5G Award

[Wuzhen, China, December 3, 2017] Huawei 3GPP 5G Pre-commercial System was awarded as one of World Leading Internet Scientific and Technological Achievements at the fourth World Internet Conference opening on December 3, 2017. This honor recognized the system's excellent end-to-end capabilities and technical innovation. Huawei's rotating CEO Eric Xu attended the conference and showcased the product.

Based on 3GPP standards and specifications, this award winning system is the first of its kind on the market. It features multiple Huawei key technologies, products, and end-to-end solutions in various fields, such as radio access networks (RANs), core networks (CNs), bearer networks, terminals, and chips. The aim of the system is to expedite the development of the 5G industry chain and promote the digitization of the entire industry.

"Huawei plans to launch a complete set of 5G network equipment solutions for large-scale global commercial deployment in 2018. At that time, mobile Internet will step into a new era where connectivity of everything will promote the digital transformation of all industries. Huawei also expects to launch 5G Kirin chips and smartphones in 2019 to provide a superior 5G network experience as early as possible," remarked Huawei Rotating CEO Eric Xu at the conference.

5G not only indicates a grand changeover in mobile communications. It is also a key enabler of the digital transformation of all industries, allowing everything to be sensing, connected, and intelligent. While Huawei could only follow others in technical development in the 2G era. It has managed to gradually eclipse more and more of its competitors in the age of 4G. Now Huawei is channeling its efforts towards the study of 5G technical specifications, making early and extensive preparations.

Back in 2009, Huawei invested more than USD 600 million on 5G technical research and innovation. This was before the initiation of 5G technical standardization. Polar code and filtered orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (F-OFDM) waveform proposed by Huawei are now part of the foundation and key of the global 5G standards. Additionally, 2017 saw Huawei putting RMB 4 billion in the research and development (R&D) of 5G products. Backed by years of strong investment, Huawei is able to push ahead with all-around preparations, getting 5G-ready in technology, products, and ecosystem.

Huawei has completed a wide range of interoperability tests for the 3GPP 5G Pre-commercial System with domestic and international meter vendors, terminal manufacturers, and telecom operators. The system's performance has set multiple new records. According to the testing results released by IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group this September, the system exceeded the ITU-defined 5G capabilities in multiple aspects, such as cell capacity, data rate, radio interface latency, and connectivity.

This pre-commercial system has been deployed by over 30 operators in areas with the most well-developed information industry on a global scale, such as London, Berlin, Milan, Seoul, Tokyo, Vancouver, Beijing, and Shanghai. In addition, Huawei has took the lead in setting up 5G Automobile Association and Smart Manufacturing Alliance, while actively promoting cross-industry cooperation in smart grids, low-altitude drones, and wireless eHealth. The purpose is to enable 5G to better support digitalization of all sectors.

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