Clearwire may consider 4G alternatives to WiMax

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January 15, 2010 | cnet - WiMax may be Clearwire's technology of choice today as it builds out its nationwide 4G wireless network, but the upstart carrier may eventually migrate to a competing technol

WiMAX Femtocells

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This Aricent whitepaper examines the benefits of WiMAX Femtocells and outlines use cases where they can be deployed.

Motorola exec sees room for WiMax and LTE to thrive

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November 11, 2009 | Computerworld - Despite debate over whether WiMax or LTE technology would win out as the basis for faster 4G wireless networks, Motorola Inc.

LTE vs. WiMAX: Part 1: Introduction

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Rajesh Pazhyannur - Duel to the Death or Different Strokes for Different Purposes?

FDD/TDD: WiMAX and LTE Crossing Paths?

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WiMax.com - At the ITU show in Geneva last week, there was a lot of talk on IMT-advanced technologies as expected. At this point, both WiMAX and LTE are obvious candidates for inclusion.

LTE Versus WiMax Moves from Theoretical to Real

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Jul 14, 2009| by Carl Weinschenk| IT Business Edge: The 4G world of high-speed, long-range IP-based wireless service is here.

Wimax take-up slow; LTE faces technical challenges, says Maravedis

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13 July 2009| by David Manners: Approximately 400,000 WiMAX subscribers and 50 million new active 3G subscribers were added in Q1 2009, says Canadian telecoms analyst company Maravedis.

Implement OFDMA, MIMO for WiMAX, LTE

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This article discusses WiMAX and LTE: in particular, how to implement the core DSP algo-rithm of OFDMA, then the novel variant used by LTE for the uplink, and finally a brief discussion on MIMO for bo