4G Speed AMBR(Max-Requested-Bandwidth-UL and Max-Requested-Bandwidth-DL)

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Dear All,

When I switch to 4G network, I am getting only 4 mbps for DOWNLOAD and 2 mbps for UPLOAD, but in HSS server sending ULA with Max-Requested-Bandwidth-UL as 50mbps and Max-Requested-Bandwidth-DL as 100mbps

I am expecting download speed as 20-25mbps, upload speed as around 10 mbps.

I could not see any issue with HSS point of view, if an body can advise/suggest where could be the problem for getting the low speed.

Is there any where we can look specifically for example,

MMEi, P-GWi, OCS, PCRFi and etc

You response much appreciated, Thank you.

- Rajkumar