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LTE Training in USA

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NgnGuru Solutions offers a series of 3G& 4G LTE trainings in USA telecom space. These courses have been enhanced to include recent LTE evolutions & has been designed by NgnGuru/LteWorld technical experts. On-site corporate LTE training courses are also being offered now and can be customized to meet and exceed customer expectations. 

NgnGuru Solutions' LTE training courses provide in depth understanding of the LTE/SAE signaling network, architecture and protocols. Upon completion of this course, the participants will have a sound understanding of LTE Air interface, E-UTRAN & Evolved 3GPP architecture.

LTE (Long Term Evolution) is 4G technology initiated by 3GPP to improve the mobile phone standard to cope with future technology evolutions and needs. Requirements include reduced cost per bit, increased service provisioning – more services at lower cost with better user experience, flexibility of use of existing and new frequency bands, simplified architecture, open interfaces and reasonable terminal power consumption.

Courses offered by NgnGuru Solutions does not require any previous knowledge or understanding of LTE, for more information download wireless training catalog or send an email to support@ngnguru.com.

NgnGuru offers Instructor led web based LTE trainings as well

LTE eLearning module is also available for remote/online learning, download eLearning training catalog for more information.

Call us at 1-(888) 567-4988 for additional details.

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LTE eLearning/Classroom Training