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  • Voice Over LTE by Dan Warren, Director of Technology, GSMA

  • Telesystem Innovations  - This article presents an overview of the LTE physical layer with a focus on essential aspects of the physical layer for FDD mode, which is the dominant mode of operat

  • This Application Note describes LTE- Advanced signal generation with spectrum aggregation in numerous configurations using one or more Vector Signal Generators R&S SMU200A or R&S SMBV100A.

  • Although the commercialization of LTE technology began in end 2009, the technology is still being enhanced in order to meet ITU-Advanced requirements.

  • Operation Requirements for next generation multi-technology networks were the key topic that brought 3GPP, NGMN and TM Forum together for a workshop held March 29-30 2010 in Bonn.

  • The broadband wireless access industry, which provides high-rate network connections to stationary sites, has matured to the point at which it now has a standard for second-generation wireless metr

  • An overview, summary or tutorial about WiMAX, the broadband wireless access (bwa) technology using IEEE 802.16 - 802.16d and 802.16e

  • WiMAX is one of the hottest broadband wireless technologies around today.

    WiMAX is based on IEEE 802.16 specification and it is expected to deliver high quality broadband services.

  • An overview, tutorial or primer about femto cells or femtocells describing the essentials of what they are and how they work.

  • A deskside chat  By: Christina Gessner and Andreas Roessler


  • A very informative e-book on Long Term Evolution (LTE)


  • A very informative tutorial from

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  • A detailed white paper published by 3G Americas on the innovations that have delivered capabilities on a global scale never previously achieved. Paper includes information on capabilities, evolution and competitive position of EDGE, HSPA and LTE technologies. Includes performance and spectral efficiency comparisons. 2008.

  • Information, overview, or tutorial about the basics of the 3GPP / 3G LTE, the long term evolution plans for the next generation of cellular telecommunications services.

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  • Can you have one without the other?

    The cellular communications industry is currently abuzz with two big issues: the development of Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and the emergence of femtocells. Although the two may at first sight appear barely related, it is becoming increasingly clear that they are, in fact, inextricably linked.