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LTE eNB & Evaluation Methodology

in Tutorial, OFDMA, Testing, MIMO, eNB, RRC, LTE

A comprehensive online LTE tutorial from Artiza Networks. It includes LTE overview, LTE eNB details & LTE eNB Evaluation Methodology. Contents include followings 

What is LTE?

  • Requirement for LTE
  • SAE Technology
  • E-UTRAN Architecture
  • Protocol Stack
  • Physical Interface
  • MIMO
  • Physical Channel Structure
  • Layer 2
  • RRC Protocol

What is LTE eNB?

  • LTE eNB Functions
  • LTE eNB Architecture

LTE eNB Evaluation Methodology

  • Table of Contents
  • Concept
  • Requirement for Testers
  • C-plane Protocol Procedures
  • C-plane Test Configuration
  • U-plane Test Configuration
  • C-U Combined Test Configuration
  • C-U Combined Test Configuration with External Device


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