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Next generation LTE, LTE-Advanced or LTE Rel-10 is the next step in radio access technology

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Whatever the name – next generation LTE, LTE-Advanced or LTE Rel-10 – the next step in LTE evolution allows operators to introduce new technologies without putting existing investments at risk.

LTE radio access technology is continuously evolving to meet the requirements of regulators, operators and users. The first fully commercial and operational 4G mobile broadband systems, currently being deployed, are based on the first release of LTE, 3GPP Rel-8, which was finalized in 2008. Rel-9, finalized at the end of 2009, added support for broadcast/multicast services, positioning services, and enhanced emergency call functionality, as well as enhancements for downlink dual-layer beam forming.

Authors : Stefan Parkvall, Anders Furuskär, Erik Dahlman

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