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Evolved MBMS - broadcast and multicast in LTE

in Video, Webinar, eMBMS, Rohde & Schwarz, LTE

Commercial LTEi Release 8 networks have been launched worldwide. The features of 3GPPi Release 9 further enhance LTE. One of the key features in LTE Release 9 is called evolved MBMS. MBMS stands for multimedia broadcast multicast services and enables broadcast and multicast services over a cellular network. Though it was initially defined in 3GPP Release 6 for UMTS, the OFDMi-based LTE structure now offers a characteristic better suited to these services.

This Rohde & Schwarz webinar from August 2011 will give you a detailed technical background on what eMBMS is and how it works in conjunction with standard LTE. It will also offer insight on measurement applications related to eMBMS.

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