Femtocell Radio Technology

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Airvana - Femtocells are intelligent cellular access points that support any mobile device using standard cellular air interfaces, such as UMTS, CDMA2000 and LTE.  They contain cellular radios that are tightly integrated with the existing macrocell radio network and thus create a seamless experience for mobile users as they move in and out of femtocell coverage, whether on an active call or in standby.  

Femtocells learn their radio frequency (RF) surroundings and use this information to self-optimize their operation.  In particular, femtocells use their RF awareness to control interference between themselves and between femtocells and macrocells.  This is achieved without requiring any modification to billions of mobile devices that are already in use.  Femtocells also support access controls, whereby only users authorized by the femtocell owner are allowed to use it.  This paper addresses these topics, and highlights some of the advanced radio solutions used in Airvana’s femtocell products.

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