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Astellia contributes to BASE Company's customer experience

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Rennes, France, November 13th 2013 - Astellia, leading provider of network and subscriber intelligence for mobile operators, announced the signature of a comprehensive customer experience management (CEM) and network monitoring deal with BASE Company, Belgium.

ZTE Selected as a 4G Radio Equipment Supplier for BASE Company in Belgium


ZTE has been selected as a 4G radio equipment supplier for BASE Company, the Belgian subsidiary of Dutch mobile operator KPN. BASE Company has launched 4G services in 15 cities and was the second operator to start 4G in Belgium.

BASE Company Launches LTE Network in Belgium

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Belgium's mobile operator BASE Company has launched 4G LTE network in country. BASE customers can now use 4G in 15 cities. According to operator, more cities will be added soon. BASE customers with an unlimited tariff plan as of B-39 are automatically offered 4G in their existing package.