LTE and HSPA Uplink Power Control in Comparison


Martin Sauter discusses about HSPA & LTE,

And here's my LTE thought of the day:

VOLGA Forum Publishes Stage 2 Specification For Voice Over LTE

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Regular readers of this blog probably remember that I'm a fan of Voice over LTE via GAN (VOLGA).

What is 4G Systems in mobile communication?

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4G - an abbreviation for Fourth-Generation, is a term used to describe the next complete evolution in wireless communications .(also known as Beyond 3G)

VoLGA Moves to Stage 2

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Quietly last week the VoLGA Forum published its Stage 2 specifications.  Download it now from  

Value-added services in LTE

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July 7, 2009 | LteWorld - Mobile value-added services (VAS) are those services that are not part of the basic voice offer and are availed off separately by the end user.

LTE needs VoLGA

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July 7, 2009 | LteWorld - LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a data only technology but it seems that we can not live without voice or SMS services. 

Advance LTE Requirements

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July 6, 2009 | LteWorld - In 2008 3GPP held two workshops on IMT Advanced, where the “Requirements for Further Advancements for E-UTRA” were gathered.

Create your own LTE tests in 15 minutes with Anritsu’s RTD

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Today we take an exclusive look in this blog inside Anritsu’s Rapid Test Designer (a.k.a. RTD) tool. RTD is a very powerful tool that can be used to design LTE tests for R&D purpose.

VoLGA Accelerating LTE

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There are a lot of significant issues surrounding an LTE rollout.  Acquiring spectrum, developing a network map, deploying gear, testing/validation, selecting devices, building a subscriber offer

Complex LTE IPR System

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Markus Münkler, Vodafone Group R&D spoke about IPR Regime for LTE @ LTE World Summit, Berlin

The Case for Early LTE in the USA

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Doug Wolff,Vice President , End-to-end LTE product management, Alcatel-Lucent spoke about "The Case for Early LTE in the USA" in the LTE World Summit.

The case for LTE femtocells

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By Simon Saunders, Chairman/Femto Forum

ZTE Touts LTE in Vegas

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LAS VEGAS -- ZTE USA, Inc., a subsidiary of ZTE Corporation, a leading global telecommunications equipment and network solutions provider, today unveiled its LTE strategy for the North American market

Dictionary of LTE Acronyms

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A comprehensive dictionary of LTE acronyms has just been released, providing a useful aid to understanding the LTE specification documents.

Verizon's bold step towards IPv6

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Verizon is taking bold step of mandating the devices that connect to its LTE Network support IPv6. The following is from Telecom Asia via Network World: