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SK Telecom mulling LightSquared investment

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South Korea based service provider SK Telecom is reportedly in talks with Harbinger Capital Partners to invest about a US$100 million  in LightSquared.

Nokia Siemens Networks Clinches $7B Wireless Contract

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Nokia Siemens Networks, has won a $7 billion, eight-year long US contract to install and operate a wireless broadband network for telecom network company LightSquared.

Nokia Siemens Networks LightSquared

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This week clearly belongs to Nokia Siemens Networks. After remaining in less limelight than its competitors on LTE trials, NSN has come back strongly.

Nokia Siemens Networks wins $7 billion LTE contract

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Harbinger Capital has awarded eight-year, $7 billion contract to Nokia Siemens Networks to build and operate a LTE network for wireless providers and other businesses.

Harbinger Capital Partners selects Sanjiv Ahuja as Chairman and CEO of its New Wireless Broadband Venture

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April 28, 2010 - Harbinger Capital Partners today announced a partnership with telecommunications visionary Sanjiv Ahuja and his selection as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of its new nationw