QualiPoc Freerider II Opens Doors for more Efficient Indoor Multi-channel Measurements

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Zuchwil, April 02, 2014 – SwissQual – a Rohde & Schwarz company – continuously enhances its products with new features and updated applications so as to timely meet market developments in mobile communication voice and data services.

VoLTE Deployments Call for SwissQual Expertise

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Zuchwil, February, 2014 – With VoLTE on the threshold of entering the global market, assessing its end-to-end service quality has remained a grey zone in the telecom industry.

Advanced Channel/Cell Forcing for Android- and PC-based Products

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Zuchwil, February 05, 2014 - SwissQual – a Rohde & Schwarz Company – launches its Advanced Channel/Cell Forcing feature for both Android- and PC-based specialist equipment for wireless network service quality benchmarking and RF optimization.

SwissQual Offers Drive Test Solution for LTE

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March 21, 2010 - SwissQual, the independent Swiss network quality measurement company, is now offering a drive test solution for LTE network testing.   This new solution offers a Diversit