What is Tracking Area?

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Is there a definition of Tracking Area similar to like Roting area or Location area ?

In GSM, mobiles are tracked

In GSM, mobiles are tracked in Location Areas and Routeing Areas. In UMTS, mobiles can be tracked in UTRAN Registration Areas as well as Las and Ras. whereas in LTEi Tracking Area is used as a generic name for LA, RA and URA.

In LTE network location of a UEi in IDLE state is known by the network on a Tracking Area granularity.

When paging the UE, the EPCi indicates a 'geographical area' that is translated within E-UTRANi to the actual cells that shall be paged. A 'geographical area' could be a tracking area or a list of tracking areas.

The MMEi initiates the paging procedure by sending the PAGING message to each eNB with cells belonging to the tracking area(s) in which the UE is registered. Each eNB can contain cells belonging to different tracking areas, whereas each cell can only belong to one TA.