LTE Presentations

Radio Access Networks - LTE progress report

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Technical presentation by akehiro Nakamura, 3GPP RAN Chairman, NTT Docomo, Moscow, 24/5/2010.

3GPP Core Network migration path for HSPA+ and LTE

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Technical presentation by Hannu Hietalahti, 3GPP CT Chairman, Nokia at a 3GPP Seminar, Moscow, 24/5/2010.

The Impact of Femtocells on Next Generation Mobile Networks

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Technical presentation by Andrew Germano, Femto Forum Vice-Chairman at a 3GPP Seminar, Moscow, 24/5/2010. This presentation discusses about Femtocells Concept/Market status and LTE femtocells

Using LTE to boost ARPU

in Whitepaper, ARPU, presentation, LTE presentation (by Zahid Ghadialy) from the LTE World Summit 2010.

Migrating from HSPA to HSPA + and LTE

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A Nokia Siemens Networks presentation from the LTE Standards workshop, held by 3GPP and 3G Americas.

3GPP Technology Standards Roadmap

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3GPP Technology Standards Roadmap by Stephen Hayes


Maximizing Revenues Across Unified Access Radio Networks

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A presenation by Varun Kapoor, Vice President, Technology Marketing, ZTE  at 3G CDMA Forum at CTIA Wireless 2010.