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The case for LTE femtocells

in Blog, Femtocell, LTE

By Simon Saunders, Chairman/Femto Forum

ZTE Touts LTE in Vegas

in Blog, LTE

LAS VEGAS -- ZTE USA, Inc., a subsidiary of ZTE Corporation, a leading global telecommunications equipment and network solutions provider, today unveiled its LTE strategy for the North American market

Dictionary of LTE Acronyms

in Blog, LTE

A comprehensive dictionary of LTE acronyms has just been released, providing a useful aid to understanding the LTE specification documents.

Verizon's bold step towards IPv6

in Blog, IP, LTE

Verizon is taking bold step of mandating the devices that connect to its LTE Network support IPv6. The following is from Telecom Asia via Network World:

VoLGA: Bringing Voice to LTE

in Blog, LTE, VoLGA

Voice is becoming an Important issue for seamless introduction of LTE services.

LTE Tests for the Future

in Blog, LTE

If Long Term Evolution (LTE) goals are to be believed, then network equipment vendors and service providers will be seeing improved spectral efficiency, lowered costs, offering increased applications,