NGN/IMS Forum Announces Applications Working Group for Fixed and Mobile Broadband Networks (4G/LTE)

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March 25, 2010 - NGN/IMS ForumTM has announced its new Technical Working Group for Applications running on fixed and mobile broadband networks (e.g.

GENBAND Showcases Mobile Data Offload Solutions at CTIA

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March 23, 2010 - GENBAND Inc today announced a suite of mobile data offload solutions to support service providers as they tackle the exponential growth of mobile data consumption driven by the inc

3GPP and Broadband Forum Collaborate on Fixed Mobile Convergence Standards

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3GPP and the Broadband Forum worked together for their first joint workshop on Fixed/Mobile Convergence (FMC). Workshop was held on February 18-19 in San Francisco.

Fixed-Mobile Convergence with UMA for Enterprises

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UMA service was developed with the consumer and residential service in mind, it has immediate applicability to businesses.