Motorola's TD-LTE Expertise

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Motorola has gained significant experience and momentum in TD-LTE thanks to its OFDM experience, which was instrumental in the development and design of the TD-LTE-Advanced capable 4Tx/8Rx radio he

Motorola Demonstrates First TD-LTE USB Dongle

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April 16, 2010 – Motorola showcased an end-to-end TD-LTE demonstration via the world's first TD-LTE USB dongle at the Shanghai Expo site to support the "TD-LTE Showcase Network Opening Ceremony" ho

Vee launches commercial mobile broadband services based on Motorola's WiMAX technology

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April 15, 2010 - Motorola, Inc today announced that Vee TIME Corp., a quadruple play service provider in Taiwan, has launched commercial mobile broadband services based on Motorola's WiMAX technolo

Reducing the build and power consumption costs of WiMAX base stations

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The number of operators across the globe announcing plans to build WiMAX coverage is increasing markedly.

Motorola Launches the New WiMAX CPEi 825 Device

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otorola as a leader in WiMAX, has released a new WiMAX product, the 4th Generation in Motorola's CPE portfolio, the CPEi 825.


Motorola Provides the Right 4G Technology Choices

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Motorola provides TD-LTEi solutions for some of the world's largest operators and a WiMAX ASN 1000 for smaller operators seeking low tele-density solutions.


Motorola's Bruce Brda Talks About 4G Momentum

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Motorola CTIA news includes major LTEi announcements and a new WiMAX CPE milestone. Bruce Brda, Senior VP and Networks Leader discusses Motorola 4G momentum.


Motorola Adds Industry’s First TD-LTE 4Tx/8Rx Radio Head to 4G LTE-Advanced Capable eNodeB

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March 20, 2010 - The Networks business of Motorola, Inc has announced the addition of a TD-LTE-Advanced capable 4Tx/8Rx radio head with multiple input/multiple output (MIMO) to its 4G - WBR 700 Ser

Motorola Deploys World's First TD-LTE Showcase Network at Shanghai Expo

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February 25, 2010 – Motorola, Inc's Networks business announced today that it has successfully deployed a TD-LTE network at the Expo Center for World Expo 2010 Shanghai China, and completed the fir

LTE EPC brings customer value

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Motorola's Adebayo Onigbanjo talks about LTE Evolved Pocket Core (EPC) and the value it brings to customers.


Eric Pradier Vice President of Services Motorola Networks

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Eric Pradier discusses the importance of enabling a profitable evolution to LTEi.


Zain Saudi Arabia and Motorola Sign Contract for the First LTE Network Deployment in Saudi Arabia

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February 15, 2010 - The Networks business of Motorola, Inc.


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Leveraging our latest OFDM platforms, the Motorola LTE portfolio will offer a smooth migration for both 3GPP and 3GPP2 operators.