Motorola's TD-LTE Expertise

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Motorola has gained significant experience and momentum in TD-LTE thanks to its OFDM experience, which was instrumental in the development and design of the TD-LTE-Advanced capable 4Tx/8Rx radio head with multiple input/multiple output (MIMO) to its 4G - WBR 700 Series LTE eNodeB portfolio. This TD-LTE solution – while similar in size to a standard 2Tx/2Rx LTE eNodeB – enables advanced MIMO schemes including multi user (MU) MIMO and beam-forming to provide unprecedented capacity and coverage. 

Motorola recently launched its LTE-Advanced capable WBR 700 Series, which is Motorola’s fourth generation orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) solution and its second generation LTE platform. The WBR 700 Series features Motorola’s proprietary Intelligent OFDM Scheduler for improved sector throughput. This eNodeB portfolio supports TD-LTE as well as FDD-LTE solutions in a wide variety of frequencies from 700MHz to 2.6GHz and offers an unprecedented mix of capacity, compact size and energy efficiency.

With this latest addition, the WBR 700 series brings a high-performance TD-LTE radio head to provide a better subscriber experience due to the maximized performance and coverage. The product will be available for 2.3GHz and other TD-LTE bands such as 2.6GHz. The energy-efficient WBR 700 TD-LTE 4Tx/8Rx radio head reduces power consumption by up to 30 percent using advanced linearization techniques, helping to lower operational expenses


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