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What Is New in the iPhone 13? 8 Key Features to Mention

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iPhone 13

It has become a tradition to expect a new iPhone model released around autumn, and Apple did not disappoint their fans in 2021.

The iPhone 13 was announced on September 14, 2021, and released on September 24, 2021.

Some time has already passed, and people have had a chance to become familiar with the device more closely.

The early reviews were mostly positive, and the status quo of that did not really change since then.

In case you are thinking about getting the iPhone 13 for yourself, then why not take some time to delve deeper into the features that were introduced or improved with the new model, as well as some other key aspects?

The Price

Starting with a product’s price is a good approach when you are thinking about buying something. As expected, the iPhone has a premium price tag, especially if you are looking to get the latest available model.

The price starts from 800 dollars and goes up to 1100 dollars depending on how much storage you want, how big the screen is, and what is in the camera.

Designs and Colors

Next, we have designs and colors. Visuals are not necessarily a priority for some users, but Apple still tries its best to offer pleasing aesthetics to its customers regardless of what product they release.

Colors vary, but there are two noticeable changes in the overall design. The first is how the cameras are on the rear and not arranged vertically. Instead, they are arranged diagonally.

The second notable change is the notch, which has become smaller with the iPhone 13. Some speculate that the trend of reducing the notch’s size is expected to continue in future iPhone models.

Now, as for what the change means to everyday use for iPhone owners, the reality is that the modification was more of an aesthetic thing. If you owned an iPhone before, you are unlikely to notice that big of a difference.


The display is one of the areas that improved quite noticeably. Using the iPhone 13 in direct sunlight feels more bearable thanks to the XDR Display rated at 800 nits—a significant upgrade from 600 nits on the iPhone 12 model.

Viewing videos or pictures you take, stream, or download also feels great. The tests showed that the iPhone 13 is superior to its predecessor and other highly regarded smartphones, such as the Galaxy S21.


We already mentioned the arrangement, but that is not the only change in the iPhone’s camera. Because of a new and improved camera on the iPhone 13 that gathers almost 50 percent more light than the previous iPhone model, you get to experience beautiful images you take on the device.

Add the fact that there is a new and improved ultra-wide camera and Night mode and more freedom in creative control while snapping pictures, and you get a great camera on a smartphone.


Similar to taking pictures, filming videos on the iPhone 13 also feels like an upgrade from previous models. The new Cinematic mode is a bit tricky at first when you are figuring it out, but after playing with the mode, you should get the hang of it.

Also, keep in mind that the Cinematic mode is nowhere near as perfect as it can be, but we can definitely expect to see improvements for it in the future with new iPhone models.

Overall Performance

Considering the overall performance of the device, it is difficult to pinpoint what works for some and what works for others. It is one thing to run high-end mobile games and another to simply browse the internet or chat on social media.

Overall, comparing the benchmarks of iPhone 13 to other smartphone models, the new iPhone certainly takes the cake.


It is no secret that Apple has been putting a lot of effort into making the battery lifespan of their devices improve significantly.

A good example is the latest MacBook models that are known for their great batteries. Looking at the iPhone 13, the trend seems to continue with mobile devices as well.

On average, the battery should last around 10 and a half hours, whereas the iPhone 12 battery would fall just short of 8 and a half hours.

Sure, a lot comes down to how much time you are going to spend on the iPhone and how resource-heavy the applications you use are, but the bottom line is that the iPhone 13 follows the recent Apple trend of manufacturing devices with great battery lifespans.

Other than how much time you spend on a device, it also helps to take care of battery hogs, such as background apps, drive clutter, including user cache files and other temporary system junk, as well as potentially missing software updates, to name a few.


It would be difficult to list all the things that arrived with iOS 15, but some of the more notable changes include audio and interface improvements to FaceTime and the new Focus feature to manage notifications.

Safari also received a revamp, and it is natural that Siri also saw some new commands introduced to her repertoire.

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