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World with 5G: Is it harmful?

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5G technology is the newest technology in the telecommunications field. It has been established in 2019 and it is awaiting widespread distribution all around the world. Being the fifth generation technology, it is thought to replace 4G technology in the near future. According to many experts such as the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA), the number of 5G subscribers will reach 1.7 billion people all around the world. In the face of this new technology, there are many widespread beliefs that are threatening the transition to 5G. This article is going to introduce 5G technology and the surrounding misbeliefs around this topic. 

What is 5G good for?

There are multiple uses for 5G technology. Firstly, it will be used for mobile wireless services which will be especially beneficial for areas getting higher traffic than others. This will be as an advancement of the 4G LTE technology and it is going to result in higher capacity use with faster connections. Concerts, cities, stadiums will be able to benefit from these. 

5G technology will also be used for business operations that require uninterrupted services. This will be essential for businesses whose data exchange has to be uninterrupted in order to prevent a huge crisis or catastrophe. This type of technology will also act as a connecting service between a large numbers of devices all around the world. For example, drones can be connected to other devices during emergency situations and with a 5G technology, connecting and responding will be faster. Also, cars will use 5G technology for different services. Countless devices and services will also use 5G such as self-driving cars, remote surgery and other innovations as well. 

5G will be offered through 5G towers but not only. When it comes to 5G technology, many providers have been using the 5G cells which are also called nodes. These nodes are much smaller than the towers. Since nodes have a much smaller size, their plantation spaces can be buildings, street lights and other places while the towers can be used in larger environments. 

Is 5G harmful?

There have been many widespread misbeliefs about the 5G technology, starting from causing cancer to being the main cause of the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. It was also thought to cause harm to not only humans but animals and plants as well. Even though these misconceptions have not found evidence, they still persist in the society making 5G tech harder to spread and be accepted among people. 

Many beliefs are surrounded around the belief that the radiation that 5G technology emits is dangerous for living species in the world. For example, many believe that the immune system of humans will be damaged due to the radiation released from devices we use in everyday life. The radiation coming from 5G technology will harm us through ionization which will permanently destroy our immune system. As a consequence, we will be unable to fight bacteria and viruses, making us more vulnerable to diseases. However, these beliefs have not been supported by any scientific evidence so far.

Final Thoughts

5G technology is the most advanced technology we have seen so far. It will make our connections faster and the function of our devices faster. It will help the innovation and advancement of many devices and services such as self-driving cars and remote surgical procedures. Many people, however, have been worried about the spread of 5G technology, based on the misconceptions that it causes harm to humans, animals and plants. These have not found evidence so far. 

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