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Leveraging our latest OFDM platforms, the Motorola LTE portfolio will offer a smooth migration for both 3GPP and 3GPP2 operators. Motorola’s LTE solution will provide operators with a reliable and leading edge end-to-end solution for their next generation mobile broadband networks.

As a leader in 4G deployments and innovation, Motorola’s LTE products enable the delivery of Broadband Everywhere.

Featured Products

  • eNodeB LTE Wireless Broadband Radio (WBR 500r) - Motorola’s LTE eNodeB Wireless Broadband Radio (WBR 500r) delivers compelling and profitable services to subscribers
  • SON (Self-Organizing Network) - Motorola’s Self Organizing Network (SON) is designed to reduce operating costs by simplifying the management of the LTE network.
  • Motorola's Wireless Broadband Core LTE Mobility Management Entity (WBC 700 MME) 
  • Wireless Broadband Core Serving Gateway (WBC 700 S-GW) and Packet Gateway (WBC 700 P-GW) 


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