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neXus group, an expert for identity and access management and PKI,  works with secure information. neXus clients are organisations for which IT and the Internet are essential to the management of sensitive information and knowledge. neXus help organisations to establish infrastructures for electronic ids as well as securing access and authentication to both internal and external systems.

neXus Certificate Manager for LTE

To establish trust, the LTE network elements, such as the base station eNodeB and SAE Security Gateway (SeGW), are using strong public key authentication based on machine certificates. For the auto-enrollment and lifecycle management of the machine certificates standard protocols exist – Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) and Certificate Management Protocol (CMP). These protocols are used to request and renew machine certificates from the Certificates Authorities (CA) of the corporate public key infrastructure (PKI).

neXus Certificate Manager (CM) is a versatile and mature public key infrastructure system offering CA functionality, as well as support for the SCEP and CMP protocol services, combined with user-friendly graphical management tools.

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