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LTE comes hand in hand with SAE (System Architecture Evolution), an evolution of the Core Network towards a flat, packet only, all-IP based architecture. In SAE, the network is composed of only two node types, the Base Station or eNodeB (evolved NodeB) and the AGW (Access Gateway).

This architecture enhancement reduces the latency of the network (in the range of 10-20 msec round trip, an improvement of 50-200% when compared to the most advanced 3G networks), required to provide real-time applications, like VoIP or on-line interactive gaming. It lowers total cost of ownership as fewer network nodes will need to be installed and managed. Nortel can also provide cable reduction technology and integrated backhaul solutions to minimize the total cost of ownership of the network.

Nortel is delivering leading IMS Solutions for revenue generating applications to run on this true broadband access technology. As a matter of fact Nortel has already achieved several industry firsts with IMS VoIP live services running on top of 4G access including handover between VoIP on 4G systems and 2G cellular, in both directions, featuring Voice Call Continuity (VCC).


  • BTS Form factors to address all coverage needs
  • Accelerated deployment and implementation with compact base stations, remote radio heads, cable reduction technology and integrated backhaul solutions
  • Lower installation costs with fewer nodes to deploy and manage. Nortel's patented RF cable reduction and integrated backhaul solutions also help ease and speed rollouts.
  • Superior network efficiency with Nortel's proven leadership in world class Power Amplifier and Radio designs, resulting in lower power consumption, reduced battery backup, reduced noisy cooling systems and easier deployments with smaller and lighter solutions.

Strong Ecosystem Focus And Time To Market Advantage

  • OFDM MIMO Champion. Nortel is a recognized leader in MIMO with a strong IPR portfolio and significant standards contributions such as the Uplink multi-user MIMO adopted in LTE (also in WiMAX under the name of collaborative MIMO), that will help build low cost terminals required for mass market success.
  • Strategic Alliances. Nortel is partnering with leading terminal and application manufacturers to ensure a complete ecosystem ready for the launch of LTE.

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