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RADISYS ATCA SOLUTIONS FOR LTE - The commercially proven, ATCA open hardware specification is designed from the ground up to meet the demanding need of evolving networks and video services with service delivery packaging that provides unparalleled scalability, responsiveness, modularity, and flexibility to meet ever increasing network requirements.

Radisys provides Applicaton Ready ATCA Platforms for LTE EPC including MME, Serving Gateway and Packet Gateway. RadiSys offers the broadest portfolio of ATCA products that includes switching, x86 based, packet processing and media processing boards with latest silicon technologies to deliver optimal configurations for LTE EPC. RadiSys ATCA Application ready platform also includes integrated chassis, OS, diagnostics, system manager, and high availability middleware. This platform has already enabled 35+ telecom applications and is now configured for robust performance in LTE EPC for both 10G and 40G technologies.

Below, is a typical configuration one can develop using RadiSys Promentum Platform Elements:

In order for the 4G network demands to be met, these network elements will need to scale within a compact footprint for 4G services to be deployed quickly, economically, and with a high degree of serviceability. This means modularity and density per module in some of the key network elements is a key requirement. RadiSys Promentum platform delivers this and more. Learn more about Promentum Application Ready Platforms and building blocks at:

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