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Nomor Research

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Nomor Research has been involved in LTE research and standardisation from its early beginnings. Nomor offers a solid product and service portfolio and is a reliable partner for all equipment manufacturers who actively seeking early opportunities in this fast growing market and, at the same time, intend to reduce risks and mitigate the cost of protocol development and test. Nomor’s LTE success story started as early as in September 2006, when Nomor Research (in collaboration with Siemens Networks) was the first to demonstrate to the public a first LTE network implementation running with real-time applications. 

Nomor Research, based in Munich, Germany, is a leading company in the research and development of future and emerging communication systems, offering related consultancy services and products. Amongst other services, Nomor is known for its state of the art protocol stack implementations for Long Term Evolution, where Nomor offers LTE software modules and related design or integration service used in macro-, pico- or femto-cell base stations or in test equipment. 

LTE Protocol Stack Library

3GPP Long Term Evolution is the future 4G standard and globally recognized as the natural evolution of for GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA networks. Nomor Research offers LTE software modules and related design or integration service for LTE eNodeBs or Home eNodeBs.

The protocol stack or protocol modules can be licensed for your:

  • LTE macro-, micro-, pico-, or femto-cell base stations (Home eNode B)
  • LTE test products (e.g. virtual testing or virtual prototyping)
  • Reference implementation to support LTE base station testing
  • LTE base station emulation for testing of UEs and/or MMEs behavior
  • Research or development environment (e.g. scheduler or RRM research)
  • Early prototyping of LTE or LTE Advanced equipment

Protocols supported by Nomor Research:

LTE Radio Protocol

  • TS36.331 - Radio Resource Control
  • TS36.323 - Packet Data Convergence Protocol
  • TS36.322 - Radio Link Control
  • TS36.321 - Medium Access Control
  • TS36.314 - Layer 2 measurements

LTE Network Interfaces  

  • TS36.413 - S1 Application Protocol
  • TS36.412 - S1 Signalling Transport
  • TS36.423 - X2 Application Protocol
  • TS36.422 - X2 Signalling Transport


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