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Altair offers unique LTE baseband and LTE RF transceiver chipsets, covering all relevant LTE bands and duplex modes globally.  Based on the cutting edge, field proven O²P Software Defined Radio (SDR) processor, Altair’s LTE solution offers unprecedented power/performance capabilities.  Altair's LTE chipset is comprised of a CAT-3 baseband processor capable of handling 100Mbps/50Mbps download/upload speeds respectively, and a range of RF transceivers capable of operating in LTE spectrum bands in Japan, North America, Europe and China, and support both FDD and TDD.

In order to ease testing and characterization of LTE networks, Altair offers low cost LTE Test ExpressCards,which are based on the FourGee LTE Baseband and LTE RFIC chipset and will be available to network operators, eNB (evolved Node B) vendors and other LTE equipment manufacturers to order starting January 2010.

  • 3GPP LTE Baseband Processor - The FourGee-3100

The FourGee-3100 is a 3GPP LTE baseband processor which supports LTE category 3 (CAT-3) throughputs (100Mbps/50Mbps DL/UL respectively).  The chip implements two 20MHz receive chains and one transmit chain, and is based on a proprietary, cutting edge O²P Software Defined Radio (SDR) processor.  Using O²P, the FourGee-3100 offers OFDMA-related signal processing capabilities which significantly exceed traditional communications DSP cores, yet consumes a fraction of the power.  The resulting processor draws extremely low current during operation and standby modes and is therefore ideal for operation in power-constraint applications.

  • Multi-band LTE FDD RF Transceiver – The FourGee-6200

The FourGee-6200 is a multi-band FDD RF transceiver IC which operates in most global LTE frequency bands.  The RFIC integrates three parallel MIMO receive and transmit chains, and in conjunction with the FourGee-3100 LTE baseband chip implements a true world-roaming LTE solution.

IPWireless and Altair Semiconductor has already announced a partnership to develop a suite of multi-band LTE modem products that will support key frequency bands ideally suited to global LTE deployments. The companies will integrate Altair’s cutting-edge software-defined radio baseband processor into IPWireless’ LTE devices. The first consumer friendly LTE USB modem device will support multiple frequency bands including the 800MHz digital dividend band, 1800 MHz and 2.5 GHz.

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