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Kineto Wireless is uniquely suited to helping operators benefit from broadband access networks. The company provides 3GPP-compliant software products at both the client and infrastructure ends of the system, enabling the team a thorough understanding of the overall solution.


Smart Wi-Fi Application for Smartphones.  Kineto is the leading supplier of Smart Wi-Fi software for smartphones and feature phones.  Kineto’s Smart Wi-Fi Application for Smartphones, available for a wide range of operating systems, can be downloaded by subscribers or pre-loaded onto smartphones, enabling Wi-Fi access points to become extensions of the mobile access network -- improving coverage and increasing network capacity.

VoLGA Client Software for LTE Devices. Kineto’s VoLGA client software enables the rapid development of handsets and other LTE-enabled devices compliant with the VoLGA specifications.  Field upgradeable, the software provides maximum flexibility for mobile operators and handset vendors as networks evolve to support IMS-based voice services.

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Kineto is the leading provider of Multi-Service Access Gateways for mobile operators. The company’s Access Gateway enables deployment of Wi-Fi and femtocell-based Smart Offload services, as well as Voice over LTE, by performing the following standards-compliant functions:

  • UMA/GAN Network Controller (GAN-C) compliant with the 3GPP GAN standard;
  • Femtocell Home NodeB Gateway (HNB-GW) compliant with the 3GPP HNB standard;
  • VoLGA Controller (VANC) compliant with theVoLGA Forum specifications.

Kineto’s Multi-Service Access Gateway is a highly scalable, fault-tolerant system installed in commercial operator deployments around the world supporting millions of subscribers today.

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