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Powelful Wrap-Around Tester

NetHawk EAST LTE enables wrap-around-testing of eNB, MMe and S-GW network elements. NetHawk EAST LTE wraps eNB by using S1, X2, and LTE Uu interfaces and simulates both control plane and userplane with the help of supported Test Mobiles.

NetHawk EAST LTE wraps the MME by using S1-MME, S3, S6, S10 and S11 interfaces and simulates control plane scenarios. NetHawk EAST LTE wraps S-GW by using S1-U, S4, S5, S11 and S6 interfaces and simulates the userplane scenarios.

NetHawk EAST LTE can be used in functional and load testing. In functional testing, NetHawk EAST LTE can send or receive any protocol messages of the supported interfaces. It also generates and receives IP user plane messages.

In load testing, NetHawk EAST LTE simulates heavy load of control plane and userplane traffic. The Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) hardware platform offers a scaleable platform with high packing density and reliability. NetHawk EAST LTE performance will further increase when ATCA vendors provide new processor or interface units.

The Network Processing Unit (NPU) with specialized co-processors for TCP, IPSec, encryption, compression, and regular expressions improves protocol processing performance and enables even more capacity for heavy load testing.

Multi-Technology Platform

NetHawk EAST LTE supports M5 for Monitoring, which provides real-time online protocol monitoring. NetHawk EAST LTE uses SDL like a graphical test case language. Furthermore, IMS applications are compatible with NetHawk EAST LTE. This provides a platform for internet and IMS services testing.

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