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Smartphone adoption has created explosive demand for broadband wireless capacity. At the same time, wireless subscribers have a growing number of options – some free – for data service. Wireless operators face the challenge of having to expand capacity without passing those costs along to subscribers. Increasingly, operators focus on delivering a premier customer experience as the way to compete for smartphone users. 

As the mobile network industry’s independent authority for validating network performance and customer experience across disparate network infrastructures, technologies and devices, Ascom Network Testing occupies a unique position in the industry. With roots as the world’s earliest and largest provider of drive testing solutions, the company has parlayed its expertise so that its customers can benefit from best practices used by operators around the world for over two decades.

Ascom Network Testing offers expertise and solutions that enable wireless operators to expand network capacity, improve operational efficiency and deliver a premier customer experience – all at the lowest possible cost.


Ascom Network Testing offers testing solutions for virtually any technology and environment all via an experienced team of nearly 350 professionals worldwide.

Ascom develops its own line of mobile network testing, validation and monitoring solutions that are trusted by the RF engineering community for decades under the TEMS™ brand. Today, these solutions enable field testing (drive, in-building, autonomous) of wireless networks, automated post processing of data collected via these – and other third-party – probes, OSS-based network troubleshooting and optimization, and application testing and monitoring.

Ascom Network Testing offers the following products and services via three global product units:

Test & Measurement

  • TEMS™ Pocket – a smartphone-based measurement tool
  • TEMS™ Investigation – the world’s most widely used drive testing solution

Reporting & Analysis

  • TEMS™ Discovery – a powerful, enterprise-grade post processing solution for TEMS and other, third-party collection tools
  • TEMS™ Visualization – an optimization and troubleshooting platform that collects subscriber-centric data from the network operation support system (OSS)

Benchmarking & Monitoring

  • TEMS™ Automatic – an autonomous testing probe that can be remotely managed
  • TEMS™ Symphony – a robust drive testing solution enabling benchmarking of dozens of channels simultaneously
  • TEMS™ Monitor Master – an application monitoring platform that enables operators to monitor popular user applications 
  • TEMS™ MobileInsight – an on-device measurement client for testing network and application performance from end-user handsets

Ascom Network Testing

Ascom Network Testing is a division of Ascom, an international solution provider with comprehensive technological know-how in Mission-Critical Communication listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich (symbol ASCN). Ascom Network Testing is a global market leader in testing and optimization solutions for mobile networks. It is headquartered in Reston, Virginia, with over 350 employees in 20 countries.

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