Ascom expands Its TEMS LTE Offerings

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Ascom Network Testing has enhanced its TEMS LTE Offerings with additional LTE products and functionality. The TEMS LTE Offerings include industry leading drive testing tool TEMS Investigation, post-processing software TEMS Discovery, and benchmarking solution TEMS Symphony.

TEMS Investigation was among the first field testing products commercially available with LTE functionality. Among the many new LTE features in TEMS Investigation is support for an LTE test terminal from a leading global device manufacturer. TEMS Investigation collects, analyzes, and post-processes data used for monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization of RF networks. 

TEMS Discovery supports analysis of LTE scanner data and LTE device data, and more than 200 LTE information elements, events, and cell data. It is a highly configurable and extremely user-friendly post-processing tool

TEMS Symphony is an advanced Quality of Service wireless benchmarking system that allows operators to evaluate competitive network performance from the subscriber’s perspective while simultaneously gathering engineering performance data on their own networks. Newly-added LTE functionality includes support for an LTE scanner, MIB info, and band clearing tests in LTE frequency bands.

Ascom Network Testing is helping operators move ahead of the competition with these commercially available products for LTE. The TEMS LTE Offerings will be demonstrated LTE World Summit, 18-19 May, Amsterdam, as well.


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