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MetroPCS on track for initial LTE launch

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MetroPCS is on track for LTE launch later this year. MetroPCS plans to initially deploy a commercial LTE network in various metropolitan markets, including the Las Vegas metropolitan area with Samsung Mobile LTE network products.

"we are on track for our initial 4G LTE launch in selected metropolitan areas in the second half of this year. Our 4G LTE network will enable us to offer an increasing array of new services and applications to Smartphones and other devices," said Roger D. Linquist, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of MetroPCS, earlier this month.

MetroPCS Communications recently announced first quarter results of 2010 and reported approximately 13% quarterly growth.

"We believe our new initiatives including our deployment of 4G LTE, and our focus on providing a post-pay experience on a no-signed contract, unlimited, flat-rate basis, improves our competitive position now and in the future," said Linquist.

The Samsung SCH-r900 will be one of the first commercially available LTE-enabled, multi-mode, CDMA, 4G handsets in the United States when MetroPCS launches the handset in the second half of 2010. The introduction of the Samsung SCH-r900 is part of Samsung Mobile’s collaboration with MetroPCS to deliver advanced LTE handsets, services and infrastructure.

MetroPCS has contracted Ericsson as the infrastructure vendor for its upcoming LTE network.


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Metro PCS 1 Verizon 0

I hate Verizon! damn contracts!

go metropcs win verizon

go metropcs win verizon