LTE-Advanced and IEEE 802.16m WiMAX pass 4G standards-based assessments

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LTE-Advanced and IEEE 802.16m WiMAX have cleared the ITU 4G standard requirements, according to Korea Communications Commission. Selection of both 4G standards was announced at ITU-R WP5D meeting which was held from June 9 through 16 in Vietnam.

Development of radio interface specification Recommendations is expected to complete by March, 2011.

ITU had received six candidate technology submissions for the global 4G mobile wireless broadband technology known as IMT-Advanced. The selected technologies are expected to be accorded the official designation of IMT-Advanced - to qualify as true 4G technologies - in October 2010.

The submissions were made in Dresden, Germany at the meeting of ITU’s Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) Working Party 5D in response to an open invitation in March 2008. The meeting was held 14-21 October 2009.

The six proposals aligned around the 3GPP LTE Release 10 and beyond (LTE-Advanced) technology and the IEEE 802.16m technology, were assessed against ITU-R requirements using a defined evaluation process.

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