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Qasara ( is focusing on the development of 3GPP LTE wireless technology for mobile devices. Based in Cambridge, England, Qasara's engineering team was formed earlier this year from leading talent at TTPCom, supplier of protocol software and silicon technology to the cellular industry. Qasara's team has a long record of creating leading wireless technology, achieving mass-market success for many semiconductor and product manufacturers.

Qasara Products

  • LTE Protocol stack - Our LTE protocol stack is architected to allow portability and full internal visibility using Qasara's development and in-field diagnostic tools.
  • LTE Protocol stack engine - Qasara’s LTE protocol stack is available running on a low power, embedded, ARM926 processor enabling product developers and infrastructure vendors to commence LTE UE system integration and end-to-end protocol verification in advance of the widespread availability of commercial UE consumer devices.
  • LTE Virtual UE - Qasara's Virtual UE provides a simulated LTE UE implementation that can be used to analyse the capabilities of the LTE stack.
  • LTE eNodeB System Simulator - Qasara has used its extensive knowledge of the LTE standard to create a highly flexible LTE eNode B System Simulator: QSim. QSim is a complete system model of an LTE eNodeB Downlink PHY and a MIMO channel simulator.
  • Development tools - Development tools are critical to an efficient implementation - ensuring visibility, managing close regression testing and allowing injection/extraction of messages and command structures both inside and at key interfaces to the system.
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