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PureWave Networks develops high performance, compact outdoor base stations for the 4G marketplace. PureWave Networks utilizes smart antenna technology to achieve the coverage and capacity of a macro base station in a small form factor that can be deployed anywhere. 

The PureWave Constellation LTE small cell product family is the newest addition to PureWave’s growing product portfolio: A family of revolutionary LTE outdoor small cell base stations designed to deliver unparalleled capacity over several dense city blocks. With advanced options such as multi-channel support, multi-frequency capabilities, integrated Wi-Fi options, advanced SON capabilities and even traffic shaping, the PureWave Constellation product family sets a bold new standard in 4G small cell technology.

PureWave Constellation LTE base stations are powerful, delivering as much as 5W per antenna (depending on model), sufficient to deliver impressive capacity to indoor urban users located blocks away from the base station. With up to 1Gbps of LTE throughput, and even more capacity with available Wi-Fi options, PureWave Constellation delivers the type of service today’s media-hungry customers demand, even in dense urban environments.

PureWave Constellation LTE small cell base stations are designed to thrive in a heterogeneous network (Het-Net) environment, and to operate seamlessly in the same network as macro base stations, femto cells, and carrier Wi-Fi solutions. With up to 256 active users per base station, unmatched capacity and the ability to employ traffic shaping and management, this family of LTE small cell base stations provides operators with the tools they need to gain the upper hand on network congestion.

The small, sleek design allows PureWave Constellation base stations to blend easily into any environment. The base stations are designed to simplify the urban permitting process and to minimize visual impact, resulting in powerful LTE small cell base stations that can be deployed on walls, street lights, and utility poles— virtually anywhere. 

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