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Service providers are anticipating the need to significantly increase their network capacity to address the rapid growth in subscribers, devices, and applications. However, given the exponential growth in data demand and the potential for traffic congestion, capacity improvements will need to be supplemented with subscriber, service and policy control approaches that manage the ‘flow’ of data and demand for data services.

Bridgewater Systems has developed best of breed subscriber, service and policy control products for the LTE Evolved Packet Core that are optimally designed for the performance and service demands of mobile broadband including:

  • ‘Smart’ controls to manage the complexities of billions of mobile data transactions, and millions of subscribers, devices, and applications;
  • Enabling personalized services based on a unified view of subscriber preferences, state and usage behaviors;
  • Centralizing control across all mobile access technologies including LTE, GSM/HSPA, CDMA/EVDO, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and Femtocells;
  • A flexible and modular approach – integrated or single purpose systems with a common subscriber data management platform; and
  • Proven interoperability in multi-vendor environments and fully compliant with 3GPP Release 8 standards.

Bridgewater in the LTE Evolved Packet Core

To be a significant contributor to end to end service creation and enrich the subscriber experience, the LTE network must support higher data rates, ensure service continuity and parity of existing 3G services and support the rollout of new 4G services, leverage existing 3G infrastructure investments, and enable innovative service plans. The LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) plays an important role in meeting these challenges.

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