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Products - Confidently Design, Test, Measure and Monitor

No matter how complex the design or measurement challenge you face, you can rely on us. We give you the very latest generation of industry-leading test & measurement instruments, with capabilities that deliver the impeccable performance you need to capture, display and analyze your signals every time.

Tektronix LTE Solutions Enable you to

  • accelerate time to market
  • ensure the fastest introduction of latest and upcoming technologies
  • reduce development costs
  • reduce necessary lab infrastructure

Testing Products

The new LTE Uu monitoring probe, supporting test and troubleshooting of LTE networks with Uu Interface monitoring capability.

Powerful 2G, 3G and WiMAX Functional and Load tester.

Network and Service Analyzer (NSA)

NSA is a suite of software applications for troubleshooting and optimization of mobile networks and services. It is designed to support the K18 and K15 platforms.

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