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Tektronix Communications Reduces LTE Core Testing Complexity and Cost

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PLANO, Texas, April 16, 2013 – Tektronix Communications, the world’s first telecommunications intelligence provider, today announced the development of  Spectra2 XL3, an advanced tool for testing evolved packet core (EPC) and IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) elements for mobile LTE and fixed IP networks. Spectra2 XL3 enables equipment manufacturers and service providers to markedly reduce the capital and operational costs associated with testing IMS and EPC elements.

As mobile service providers plan and expand complex LTE and mixed 3G/LTE networks globally, they must test multiple dimensions of their network, including Diameter signaling, which is a critical protocol for monetizing the network. As smart mobile devices proliferate, applications accessing the network at higher speeds can create Diameter signaling storms that slow or halt service delivery and ultimately impacts revenue generation and subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE).

Spectra2 XL3 enables the industry’s highest EPC test capacity for Diameter and IMS protocols with high-load media testing to benchmark performance, and resolve problems before they arise on live networks. It is the first single 2U solution that equips a multi discipline test team involved with numerous network technologies to simultaneously execute their test plans.

“A significant challenge in validating performance and interoperability of  EPC core and IMS elements has been the cost and complexity of custom hardware,” said Chris Buhlmann, Vice President & General Manager of Core Test Solutions, Tektronix Communications. “The Spectra2 XL3 represents a revolution in both 1G and 10G price performance lowering the cost of test by leveraging commercial hardware. Spectras’ time proven  ease-of-use enables a holistic signaling and media solution in a single application which simplifies subscriber QoE testing.”

The Spectra2 XL3 scales with your expanding use cases for policy and charging control, Diameter routing, VoLTE and mixed media traffic models.  Solution general availability is slated for the second quarter of 2013.

For additional information on Spectra2 XL3, please visit www.tekcomms.com/spectra2.

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