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SiRRAN Communications

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SiRRAN Communications builds a range of software that powers mobile networks of all types (GSM, 3G and LTE) and secure communications services to protect your confidential information.

LTEnet Evolved Packet Core

SiRRAN Communications' entirely standards-based LTE solution provides all of the features and functionality of the large network equipment providers but in compact modular form.

With data speeds of up to ten times faster than regular 3G, the LTEnet EPC scales to gigabit throughput to enable the highest speed access to information within the local network to be streamed, pushed or pulled down to LTE devices.

At the simplest level, the software installs as a single lightweight package requiring no specialised configuration. The software’s unique portability lends itself to virtualisation, with the ability to be installed on virtually any quad-core small board computer, laptop, or femtocell and even scales up to large distributed networks for mobile network operators.

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