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Tropper Technologies

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Tropper Technologies is an engineering and consulting company established in 1995 and specializing in the implementation of timely, cost-competitive technical solutions to complex, real-world problems. 

Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) place stringent performance requirements on Data Rate (Uplink/Downlink) and Latency (Round Trip). These key metrics must be measured from the user's perspective, over differing technologies, across many different propagation conditions, mobility scenarios and loading conditions.

Call statistics are also key indicators of performance from the user's perspective. This is especially important when characterizing the behavior of wireless networks as they evolve into all IP based systems. Different implementations for supporting voice over an IP network (VoLTE, VoLGA, CSFB) will yield differing results.

See how Tropper Technologies' tools can help compare and contrast competing standards

and uncover the performance bounds of these evolving systems.

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