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Aicent serves more than 3 billion mobile users in 114 countries through more than 200 mobile operators. With its network reaching nearly every GPRS/3G/4G operator around the world, Aicent operates one of the industry's largest GPRS and 3G network eXchanges supporting GRX, CRX, 4G and WiFi roaming services.

Aicent LTE Roaming Solution Overview:

As the demand for mobile broadband services continues to rise, LTE and its ability to cost-effectively provide fast, multimedia mobile data services is quickly becoming the network technology of choice for 4G deployments around the world. LTE helps drive value through an improved subscriber quality of experience.

Mobile operators, as a result, will need to deal with the specific challenges that LTE raises, including interoperability with legacy and other 4G systems, ensuring end-to-end network quality of service (QoS), and hiqh-quality service delivery and interaction with IMS for the delivery of multimedia services and voice.

With this in mind, Aicent developed their LTE Roaming Exchange service, a managed IP network ecosystem designed to deliver voice, data, and video services all with assured QoS and guaranteed security. Mobile operators implementing Aicent’s LTE Roaming service will have access to a growing list of LTE operators through Aicent’s extensive list of customers that cover most of the world’s countries allowing their international traveling subscribers to seamlessly roam between the two regions and enjoy a consistent 4G experience.

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