Nomor Research licenses LTE eNB protocol stack to ASTC

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Nomor Research GmbH announced today that it has licensed its LTE Base Station Protocol Stack to ASTC, a global virtual platforms and software company, headquartered in Adelaide, Australia. Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the future mobile communication standard to be rolled out commercially in many countries starting from this year. 

The licensed modules comprise fully featured MAC, RLC, PDCP, and RRC implementations, based on the latest Release 8 specifications from 3GPP.  Under the terms of the agreement, ASTC will have the right to distribute the stack software to customers as an integrated part of all its products. 

"We are pleased that ASTC has chosen Nomor to be its protocol stack partner for LTE, and we're excited to be working with the very experienced ASTC team. Nomor has been heavily investing in LTE technologies and we are proud to be the preferred LTE stack supplier.” says Mirko Naumann, Product Manager of Nomor Research.  â€œWe are pleased to be able to gain access to the advanced Nomor Base Station Protocol Stack technology and software. We look forward  to working with the very innovative Nomor team to integrate this software into our OSCAR VLAB virtual platform tool environment and support our LTE handset customers with Virtual LTE Test Tool,” says Jay Yantchev, CEO of ASTC.

Nomor Research has been involved in LTE research and standardisation from its early beginnings. Nomor offers a solid product and service portfolio and is a reliable partner for all equipment manufacturers who actively seeking early opportunities in this fast growing market and, at the same time, intend to reduce risks and mitigate the cost of protocol development and test. Nomor’s LTE success story started as early as in September 2006, when Nomor Research (in collaboration with Siemens Networks) was the first to demonstrate to the public a first LTE network implementation running with real-time applications. 


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