Nanjing Panda Electronics Co., Ltd. Selects Radisys’ LTE-TDD Small Cell Solution to Power China Mobile’s LTE Network Rollout

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Radisys’ LTE small cell software allows Panda Electronics to enter the LTE market and reduce customers’ time-to-market; deployments set to begin later this year

HILLSBORO, OR, U.S. – March 17, 2015: Radisys® Corporation (NASDAQ: RSYS), the services acceleration company, today announced that Nanjing Panda Electronics Co., Ltd. has selected Radisys’ TOTALeNodeBTM LTE small cell software to deploy an LTE-TDD solution for its mobile operator customer, China Mobile. By leveraging Radisys’ complete, integrated LTE eNodeB product,Nanjing Panda Electronics Co., Ltd. will accelerate its time-to-market to meet China Mobile’s LTE-TDD trial deployments scheduled to begin in Q2 of this year.

Facing increasing pressures from bandwidth-hungry subscribers, mobile operators are keen to utilize architectures such as LTE-TDD to augment network capacity and coverage in dense urban areas. LTE-TDD leverages unpaired spectrum to allow downlink and uplink traffic to travel in both directions on the same frequency band.Nanjing Panda Electronics Co., Ltd.’s deployment of Radisys’ LTE-TDD small cell solution for China Mobile will allow the operator to deliver a LTE network solution that aligns with its subscribers’ traffic habits for downloading content such as mobile video.

“Radisys’ small cell solution opens the door for us to enter the LTE market with China Mobile,” said Zhiming Dong, VP of Nanjing Panda Electronics Co., Ltd.“Using TOTALeNodeB’s small cell technology has equipped us to provide China Mobile with an end-to-end platform that lowers their time-to-market while offering them maximum application flexibility and LTE-TDD functionality.”

Radisys’ TOTALeNodeB LTE software, part of its CellEngine™ family of small cell solutions, is a turn-key, deployment-proven small cell solution that dramatically simplifies the development and integration of LTE small cells while reducing the typical product development time in half. TOTALeNodeB supports both FDD and TDD deployments, enabling customers to leverage one LTE solution that is able to easily scale from small to large deployments.

“We’re pleased that Nanjing Panda Electronics Co., Ltd. has chosen our proven TOTALeNodeB small cell solution to help propel them into the LTE-TDD arena,” said Tom McQuade, general manager for CellEngine and Trillium Software at Radisys. “Panda and Radisys are a winning combination for meeting the growing demand required by mobile operators for efficient, turnkey small cell integration that reduces deployment time.”

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