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ANADIGICS Introduces Six TD-LTE Small-Cell Power Amplifiers

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ANADIGICS TD-LTE Small-Cell Power Amplifiers

ANADIGICS has introduced six new power amplifiers (PAs)  for TD-LTE (Time-Division Long-Term Evolution) small-cell applications. These are AWB7031, AWB7032, AWB7228, AWB7231, AWB7232 and AWB7239 TD-LTE power amplifiers and optimized for small-cell applications including picocells, femtocells and customer premises equipment (CPE).  

Ericsson Launches Indoor Picocell to Deliver 300 Mbps with Carrier Aggregation

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Ericsson's Indoor Picocell RBS 6402

Ericsson has announced launch of the RBS 6402, the indoor picocell to deliver 300 Mbps LTE speeds with carrier aggregation. It is a multi-carrier, concurrent multi-standard (LTE, WCDMA and Wi-Fi), and mixed-mode small cell to support 10 different bands

Nokia Networks Announces Double-Capacity LTE/Wi-Fi Picocell

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Nokia Networks FlexiZone G2 Pico

Nokia Networks small cell has introduced a double-capacity small cell base station Flexi Zone G2 Pico, and an indoor planning service enhanced by 3-D geolocation. The first Flexi Zone G2 Pico base station to be available will be a 3.5 GHz TD-LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation Pico with 4x4 MIMO for advanced LTE markets.

ANADIGICS Introduces New Power Amplifiers for Femtocell Markets

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ANADIGICS today announced introduction of two new power amplifiers (PAs) designed for use in femtocells, picocells and in-home customer premises equipment (CPE). 

Femtocell/Picocell Market Solutions

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RadiSys - Femtocells are essentially small footprint, low power 3G wireless radio systems that plug into a residential or business broadband connection to provide a mobile signal directly to that l

AirWalk to Develop LTE picocells & femtocells

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AirWalk will begin offering an LTE product line starting with picocells in 2011, followed by femtocells.

AirWalk Communications Migrates to LTE Wireless Technology

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March 15, 2010 - AirWalk Communications, the innovator in IP-based CDMA cellular radio network equipment, has collaborated with Mindspeed Technologies, Inc  and Aricent® to develop an LTE pico